Kalvín Rastislavice - Miesto pre zdravý život

Kalvín residential area in Rastislavice

We would like to introduce you to our rich offer of affordable plots, apartments as well as houses in the new residential area. The Kalvin Rastislavice project is unique due to its idea of healthy lifestyle. High quality land and clean water in the locality give the idea of healthy environment the very best foundation. In the new residential area you will be able to find dedicated areas for relax, sport and leisure time activities, including a small lake as well as green areas. In cooperation with the community, we are preparing complex revitalization of trees in Rastislavice.



In the new residential area
Kalvin Rastislavice we are offering 20 construction plots from 608m2.    ...more


Choose from 36 apartments in 2-floor duplex apartment houses with from 29m2 in a residential area with rich green areas, lake, children’s playgrounds and parking lots.                          ...more

 Business activities

The developing area offers possibilities for various business activities. The 9 hektar large area is situated on the left side of a reinforced tarmac road in the direction from the Jatov community, at the entry into the settled part of the community. ...more


Rastislavice community

The residential area is situated in the Danubian lowlands, in the southernmost corner of the Nitra uplands on the right bank of the Cabaj stream. The bounds of the municipality are located on a fertile flatland, 121 to 128 meters above the sea level. The municipality is situated 25 km from the district town Nitra and 24 km from the district town Nové Zámky. 

A more intense settlement of the community began as late as the early 18th century with the development of farms, but mainly with new Slovak settlers arriving from the central and upper Nitra, Trenčín, Orava and Myjava regions as well as from Moravia. The colonisation process was finalised with the 1921 agrarian reform oriented towards the settlement of even the less densely settled boarder regions of the newly formed republic. 

The current state and high land quality in the area are the result of the century long cultivation reaching as far as the late Stone Age and continuing until today. The very fertile muck can be in quality compared to the land on the Rye Island. The riches of the clear, mineral thermal water give this area an extraordinarily great potential. 

With its average annual temperature of +10,4 °C, the community is amongst the warmest areas in Slovakia



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